Imagine yourself carefree, confident, and knowing that you're creating the life and love you deserve.

Welcome to Crazy Wild Love Academy -- a beautifully crafted online program that creates the self-love needed for that ultimate relationship.

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Crazy Wild Love Academy Modules
The Crazy Wild Love Academy is a total lifestyle training that shows you step-by-step how to create more simplicity, ease and enjoyment in your life, body and relationships.

It guides you in creating a solid personal foundation surrounded by a loving group of new friends – all wrapped up in a beautifully tailored online program.

Why Do You Need It?

Perhaps the weight of comparison sits heavily in your heart. Or the soundtrack
"I’m Not Good Enough” plays on repeat in your head. Maybe “I thought I would be further along with my life by now” keeps you up at night.

Learning to tame your inner-critic isn’t just about getting better, it’s about living and embracing your life. That’s the power of self-love.

1 | Work At Your Pace

The program is strategically designed over the course of 7 weeks. However, I encourage you to go at your own pace. Take as long as you need for a lesson before moving onto the next.

02 | Learn How You Learn Best

The program is delivered in video format and includes audio downloads and PDF weekly motivating homework assignments.
While the program is currently offered as a self-study course, you’ll have access to all future live group coaching calls.

03 | Community Support

Good news, you aren’t going to do this alone! When you join you’ll be invited to an exclusive private community so you can get support from other members and myself. As a member you’ll be given the opportunity to receive a free private coaching session.

04 | Weekly Journal

Download and print your own copy of the gorgeous Crazy Wild Love Academy journal. Your journal is full of personal inquiry exercises, room to reflect and will help to stay on track. Keep it long after the program ends or send it to Alexis to receive your graduation certificate.

05 | Revisit & Review As Much As You Like

The materials and program are yours to keep for life. Rinse and repeat.


is the difference between feeling ready and determined to make your dreams a reality…
and being overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted.


takes you from thinking “I’m not good enough, smart enough, or pretty enough” to “Ooh, who is that girl?” You’ll turn heads as your confidence and beauty shine through.


works miracles in your love life. Yes, even if you’ve tried everything before.

The Crazy Wild Love Academy Curriculum

The Academy is a 7-week transformational journey to a life filled with joy, love, confidence, vitality and passion. The program is led by Alexis Meads along with her guest experts.

Week 1

Clear Out the Clutter

This week lays the foundation and – I promise – works magic! I’ll show you how to de-clutter and simplify. Starting with physical clutter, we’ll move to clearing mental and emotional clutter that could be keeping love, productivity or happiness at bay. This week alone has the power to transform your life and create space for the lessons to come.

Week 2

The Power of Self-Love

Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive right in! This week I’ll give you proven techniques to transform your inner-critic (yes…we all have one) into your cheerleader. Why negative thoughts and worry are draining you and “trying to stop” them isn’t working. I’ll be giving you permission to put yourself first.

Week 3

Design Your Life

We’ll talk about meditation, learning to calm your mind and the principles of manifestation. You’ll go from trying to make things happen to becoming an attraction magnet. Plus, I’ll share some fun challenges to show you how this all works.

Week 4

Adventure & Pleasure

We are going to put self-love into practice here through being adventurous, having fun, and taking awesome care of YOU. Use what you’ve learned and plan out the most fun and pleasurable week you can imagine.

Week 5

Practical Self-Care

Treating our bodies well is the ultimate act of self-love. We’ll bring the power (and pleasure!) back into eating. I’ll teach you about the daily routine that creates more energy, how to get the sleep you crave and the simple shift to make working out every day a ton of fun. Plus guest expert advice on style and beauty.

Week 6

Tapping into Purpose

This is where you answer the questions who am I and what do I want. I’ll show you a simple way to discover your core values and how they can guide your life with ease. Plus why playing small in your work and life isn’t serving you or the world. Because you’re worth it!

Week 7


At the end of the day, love is what it’s all about. The love for yourself and those around you. This week with the help of guest experts we’ll teach the secrets of creating an ultimate relationship while better enjoying the ones you have. You'll become hopeful and knowing that true love is possible for you.

Academy Bonuses

Feminine Productivity Master Class: Improve your focus and energy to get more done, in less time.
BodyLove Harmony Map: Learn the secrets about your unique body and personality type with tips on the correct food types, exercise routine and even job choices.
Get More Love: Join myself and Love Coach, Courtney Devon to up your attraction factor and get the relationship you really want.

What Crazy Wild Love Academy Members Are Saying

“I have achieved so many results since working with Alexis in Crazy Wild Love...”

— Caroline L., Veterinarian

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Be filled with JOY and VITALITY
the person YOU are
Create a fulfilling, PASSIONATE relationship
Ditch perfection and EMBRACE balance
Feel completely CONFIDENT and attract your soul mate


There was a time in my life when I felt totally lost. In the midst of trying to “get it all together”, I was exhausted and searched for love and validation in all the wrong places.
Then I figured out the secret that changed my life.
The key to happiness could not be found in another person, job or thing. That would come in time. I first had to unlock the key to my own heart.

Learn More About Alexis & Guest Experts

Is the Crazy Wild Love Academy Right for You?

Over the years, I’ve listened to hundreds of women from around the world tell me about their struggles,
and I found many common themes. I’ve created this course to empower women to breakthrough their challenges.

I’m confident it can help if you have ever said anything like:




Got Questions we haven’t answered?


"This isn’t about being perfect. It’s about embracing the true you and having compassion for yourself while going through this ridiculous, wild, amazing life.

I want you to know something: I still have times where I feel completely off, however, I now know how to pick myself back up with a greater sense of ease. I've been blessed to go through my own love journey and finding my soulmate. I now share that knowledge with others and each time I run the Crazy Wild Love Academy, I am blown away by the transformation of the women in this program. It would be an honor to have you join us.”